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Brian Omeara and Jim Hammond's Team
Scale entry placed 5th in the 2002 SCALE MASTERS

Brian feels that he received more static points because of his using rotary drivers. Their being hidden inside the wing made it possible to more closely "dummy" the Tony's actual control hardware. Brian and Jim also entered 2003 Top Gun and made it into the top 10!

Kelvin Richie's Spitfire

Kelvin's Spitfire
Kelvin built this beautiful Spitfire Supermarine from a Kyosho 0.40 gas kit. Kelvin Completed his Spit with electric power and used RDS to atain lower drag and get a cleaner look. Kelvin did a great job of documenting this project. You can view his experience step by step on his RC Groups E-flight thread at:

Click here to visit Kelvins Thread (pg.4).

Spitfire 2

Dave Dixion's Installation for Positive Control

positive conrol
Dave Dixion, Great Britain, had us make custom length, for his latest F3B "world beater". His original design, utilizing an S-11 airfoil, has been quite successful on the European F3B circuit. Note the TACT coupler top and Kimbrough coupler have been tapered to clear the internal taper of this thin airfoil. We have since been supplying pre-tapered parts for Dave's subsequent simular projects.

BIG 17 with RDS Installed

Big 17 Big 17_2

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Mustang with G2RDS

Mustang1 Mustang2 Mustang3

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