From: Antonio Martinez

Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998

Subject: (RCSE) Little Big Winch

I went out today to try out my new LBW. Unfortunately, my first launch was into a lift cycle. I got a 9 min ride. The second launch I got a 37 min ride. Bummer :> So really I only have about 8 or so launches on the winch so far. Given this limited experience, I will already say that I think the LBW is everything it is advertised as. Launching a 100" Spirit (w/a pretty robust spar I might add), I did not need to be as careful with the power as with a competition type winch, but the winch does perform smoothly, and gets the job done.

In short, it's GREAT. Soooo easy to carry; soooo hassle free.

For those who fly alone or on limited fields, or just as a winch to 'keep' in the trunk, this thing can't be beat!

Nice job Walt!



martinez@rica.net (new email address)



October 29, 1997

Dear Walt,

Your "Little Big Winch" is just what the doctor (read shrink) ordered! I would like to share with you some of the unexpected benefits I found in your winch.

1. This past summer I borrowed the club's "Real Balls" competition winch for a few weeks and quickly realized that competition is where they belong. I very much prefer the LBW for personal flying.

2. Your winch makes Hi-starts obsolete. It will set up in very short spaces or stretch it out well past AMA limits.

3. I can carry everyting in one trip. Winch, 7X5 battery, turnaround, pedal, and hammer.

4. Enough power to launch 2 meter, or open class planes without problems. The plane rotates quickly and climbs out with ease, and the top I still get some zoom.

5. The parachute lands much closer to me, and with a headwind I hardly walk at all to retrieve it.

6. I'm confident that it will pay for itself in only a few years of use and still retain good resale value.

7. The qualitiy of workmanship, design and construction are a pleasure to look at and own.

Thank you,


Greg Springate, Portland Area Sailplane Society

E-mail: gspringate@cnnw.net


Jim and Sandie Pugh
Seattle Area Soaring Society


Our Little BIG Winch has been working great. We have not tried it with a retriever yet, didn't want to add the extra weight and drag, besides that we need the exercise retrieving the line. We have launched our Condors with it and with the glider in the launch configuration, flaps and ailerons down. The winch pulls them up like a charm. The 2 Meter ships are even better. Sandie has tried it herself a few times and it works great for her. That's something since she has trouble with our big winch trying to launch. Several of the SASS members have seen the winch at the field and like us are really impressed with the workmanship, the compactness and the weight. We have been giving out your email address so people can con current pricing.

Order Info / Instructions / Send E-Mail / Testimonials / Technical Specs as a raffle prize at the 1998 Mid South Soaring Championships in Louisville, KY.

CLICK HERE to see who won


I purchased a medium sized deep-cycle marine battery and though it's pretty heavy, it's still manageable (I have another winch - F3B legal - that I also power with this battery...). Best thing of all is probably that I can get all my gear into the trunk of my car without getting a hernia!

Well done, Walt!

Best Regards,

EMAIL: raturne@ibm.net

P.S. If I may, I'll send you periodic updates about my experiences with the LBW...

P.P.S. Great ad. in RCSD!



Subject: Re: [RCSE] Little Big Winch

I bought one end of last summer and regret not doing so earlier. It's

very convenient to use and to date has pulled my Sagitta 100" and a

Graupner 100" glass ship up. It isn't at speeds like an FAI or the ole

Ford starter job but more than adequate for it's purpose.

Walt Dimick (manufacturer) is full of information and very


Though only 16 pounds, I got a plastic Sears toolbox with wheels and a

pull handle for $50 and built a field box that holds the bttery, winch

and all components, and all my powered flight stuff.

Len Revelle n9ij@iname.com


August 19, 1998

Martin Doney

Baldwin, MI (the middle of no where)




I have been using my new Little Big Winch for a couple of months now and it is just great. It works best with my 100" planes, but will launch my open class ships to 500' without problems. BTW, I have been getting 20 to 25 launches on my open class planes without recharging the winch battery. I really like that I can set the LBW up in only 5 minutes with just two trips to my truck and be flying. Previously, with other winches I have used, it would take 3-4 trips in order to get everything set up.

The Little Big Winch is as you advertised, a great practice winch.

Thanks for this fine product!



Email: retydd@carrinter.net




From: Antonio Martinez <martinez@rica.net>

To: soaring@airage.com <soaring@airage.com>

Date: Wednesday, May 26, 1999 2:12 AM

Subject: [RCSE] Little Big Winch saga


In light of the recent comments regarding poor customer service, I thought

I would relate my recent experiences with Walt Dimick who kits the LBW. I

emailed him describing an electrical 'short' I had experienced with my LBW

recently. From a verbal description, he correctly diagnosed the problem,

and emailed me detailed instructions on how to identify a shorted solenoid

as the culprit. Apparently an occasional solenoid has been found to be



Monday morning I called at 9AM Eastern, thinking that he was one, or maybe

two timezones 'over'. I obviously need to pull my atlas out, and see that

he lives on the WEST COAST. I awoke his family at a bit after 5 in the

morning :]

Walt was polite - no, in fact he was PLEASANT - and told me that yes, he

had gotten my email and a new solenoid was already on the way! This

afternoon it was in my mailbox.


Not only is this a wonderful design that is beautifully made, but it'll

launch almost anything. It STAYS in my vehicle.

..and Walt is clearly TOO nice to jerks who don't think before dialing!




From: Iflyicrash@aol.com


To: (Walter Lynch) w.r.lynch@worldnet.att.net, soaring@airage.com

Subject: Re: [RCSE] Winches


The web site you are lookimng for is at http://www.irfmachineworks.com/lbwinch

I have a LBW and have been pulling

unlimiteds and two meters up all summer. It's nice to be able to just throw it in

the golf cart to go fly, and not have to pull the big winch/retriever behind

the van up to my field. Works great, very good turnaround.

Bill Grenoble

Shermans Dale, PA


In a message dated 11/21/99 11:18:03 AM Eastern Standard Time,

w.r.lynch@worldnet.att.net writes:


<< Now that we are on the subject of Walts turnarounds, how about his winch?

When I get mine I am sure it will launch my Mantis as it is really light.

But can I expect it to launch my not to so light anymore after many repairs

(over 80oz now) f3b Spectrum? thanks, Walter >>


Yeah Walter, it will launch your 80oz + ship with ease. You will develop a

little different touch (tap) on the LBW. Garden tractor battery size for

practice, 12 volt deep cycle standard size boat/rv battery for all afternoon

big ship launches. Golf cart for retrieve is nice, we use one. Bill Grenoble




I wanted to thank you! I bought Jim Bacus, winch which is a LBW that you

maded for him. I love it! The hotter motor is awsome! I have used a LBW

that used the original motor and the hotter motor seems to make a big



He sold it to me because he doesn't get to get out as often as he likes. He

was also being selfish! WE put out the winch more often. So now he doesn't

need to worry about it sitting and going to waste. <g> Now there is one more

winch available and he doesn't have to charge it, set it up, or break it down!


Again, thanks for making a great product!


Weylan Wang

wwang@withinc.com http://www.


Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1999 17:13:23 -0500

From: GORDON COTTRILL <furball@olg.com>

To: soaring@airage.com

Subject: LBW/Merry Christmas

Message-ID: <38654179.A9C0361E@olg.com>


I came down this morning to see what might be,

And saw that Santa had been there for me

He'd left a Little Big Winch under our tree

And soon I'll be launching and soaring with glee


So thanks to my wench who loves to please me

I now have a winch to make my life easy.


Merry Christmas to all,


Gordon Cottrill




my LBW arrived Monday. Thanks for the fast service. I'm not an engineer, but this is a jewel of quality design and construction. I have instructed my heirs and assigns to use it for my headstone. Pride of ownership is important to me and I have been looking at it time and again, like a child with a brand-new bike. It will be a couple of weeks before I can use it, what with tax time and getting some planes ready, but I can hardly wait. You are a gifted designer and manufacturer.

Best regards, Bill McDonald, Montgomery, AL.



From: "Walter Lynch" <w.r.lynch@worldnet.att.net>

To: "[RCSE]" <soaring@airage.com>

Subject: My Opinion of Little Big Winch/long

Message-ID: <000301bf5d7a$a9f40c80$5d68400c@793174w.r.lynchworldnet.att.net>


I am on a posting roll tonight! Anyway, after having used my LBW for

several weeks

now thought I would give my opinions/experiences with it for those that

might be interested in one. Right off I will say that when used in the role

it is intended for

(practice winch) it is a fine product. Workmanship/material quality are top


and that turnaround is excellent, excellent, excellent-period! Easy to

carry and use-you bet it is. I can carry everything out to field in one

trip- and have it set up and ready to go as fast as I can set up a hi start.

I use a Die Hard Gold lawn tractor battery. Small size,plenty of oomph for

launches. Went out this afternoon and had at least 15 launches and battery

was still going strong. A full bore, real balls, longshaft winch it isn't,

but I have gotten good launches with a pretty fair zoom on my Mantis with

it. If the wind picks up too much I go to launching with a little flap only

verses full camber launch preset as in this configuration in windy

conditions the very stout winged, vertical climbing Mantis will stall the

winch too quickly. In these conditions one should be able to kite plane up,

I haven't tried that yet. But dont be deceived- the winch can rip the wings

off a plane as I witnessed first hand on a built up 2 meter job last

weekend. I feel some what bad about that one as perhaps I may have led

wincher to believe LBW is less powerful than it really is. The only problem

I have had w/LBW was initially getting used to the dynamic braking- got a

few "nests" at first, but nothing too bad. Kind of like learning to use a

bait caster fishing reel- at first a little frustrating but after a bit of

practice my reel of choice. At any rate, once you learn to tap after launch

tension is released- you are fine. All in all a very fine and useful

product- I personally will never go back to the old hi start again- nothing

wrong with hi starts but the LBW is just so easy to use that it makes no

sense to me to bother w/histart anymore. See you later, Walter


Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 13:59:40 EST

From: Iflyicrash@aol.com

To: w.r.lynch@worldnet.att.net, soaring@airage.com

Subject: Re: [RCSE] My Opinion of Little Big Winch/long

Message-ID: <75.ad5dcb.25af7a9c@aol.com>


<<<All in all a very fine and useful

product- I personally will never go back to the old hi start again- nothing

wrong with hi starts but the LBW is just so easy to use that it makes no

sense to me to bother w/histart anymore. See you later, Walter>>>


AMEN, Walter, we love ours too. Bill Grenoble--Shermans Dale, PA



June 2, 2000

Walt; I got home last night after being gone for four days to find the

LBW waiting. Me and my son Taylor headed to the field with the Spirit

and the winch this morning. Set it up and got in about fifteen launches.

The winch performed perfectly. Back to work tommorrow, but have three

days off next week. We'll take the Stork and the Spirit out next time.

I am very pleased with the LBW. The workmanship is first rate and it

performs as advertised. Sincerely;

Randy Cheshire


From: GordySoar@aol.com

To: soaring@airage.com

Subject: About "Got Turn Arounds"

Message-ID: <bf.447739a.267f823c@aol.com>


Walt mentions in his post, "the Ultimate Turnaournd".


Here's some of the reasons why it really is an excellent turnaround, superior

to what some of you are using now.


The pulley is Delron. A very low mass = low inertia material.

That means when your line starts, so does the pulley, when your line stops,

so does the pulley. Most of the turnarounds get going after the line has

burned past it, and keep spinning after the line stops...and their small

diameter makes it harder for the line to get the pulley going.


A high speed needle bearing, again low mass, easy to get going and stop.

They also provide a wide area of support so that the pulley doesn't wobble.

Easy to grease.


The Pulley is enclosed between two machined aluminum plates that guide the

line in without chance of fowling. These two plates are easily seperated for

bearing maintainence.


That assembly swivels in a steel rod. The rod can be ordered in the length

of your needs. Soft soil? Order a longer rod. The top of the rod has a

harded "cap" installed on it so that the pounding end doesn't end up with

lots of hand cutting burrs.


This unit is made to be installed in the ground with the pulley leaning

toward the winch. That way the pulley assembly 'guides' the line back to the

right side automatically instead of relying on the tension during retrieve to

bring it back, plus the pulley self aligns itself to the direction of the

winch via gravity.


for those who want 'guy' wires as an added restraint, there is plenty of

stake for self-modifications.


Just thought I would mention this ;-)




Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 08:51:27 -0500

From: "Bobbi and Randy" <bullards@earthlink.net>

To: <soaring@airage.com>

Subject: Re: [RCSE] Turnaround Answer

Message-ID: <005f01bf3427$82a232a0$d5801e26@hot>


As much as I hate to agree with Gordy, he is right. ;-))


Walt's Little Big Winch turn around has a great big pulley with very smooth

bearings in a very rugged anodized aluminum housing. It is mounted on a huge

steel spike that will not pull out of the ground or bend. Quality stuff

through out.


I've been very happy with mine and I expect to last 100 years. Now if only

I could.


Randy Bullard


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From: Lee Cox <lecofly@yahoo.com>

To: <GordySoar@aol.com>; <Aireze1@cs.com>; <WDimick@aol.com>;


Sent: Sunday, November 21, 1999 2:48 AM

Subject: Re: [RCSE] Turnaround Answer



> OK Gordy.. What makes Walts turnaround so damn good???


Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 10:55:19 EST

From: GordySoar@aol.com

To: Soaring@airage.com

Subject: Turnaround Answer with some details

Message-ID: <0.81ddbec0.25696fe7@aol.com>


Course it was all in RC Soaring Digest this past year but.....



Its a stake type off the ground pulley. That helps with line wear and

resistance. It is free swiveling and when installed correctly virtually ends

turnaround snags. Properly means leaning TOWARD the winch so that the pulley

swings back in line after an off-to-the-side launch.


It uses a 3" low mass delron needle bearing sheave. Thats important! The

typical machined bicycle hub type turnarounds are high mass, small diameter.

That means the line burns over the surface for quite awhile before the

turnaround starts spinning and the line stops before the pulley stops. Also

the line is bent over that small circumference under high tensions.


Walts LBW Turnaround is all machined aluminum and anodized to prevent


(mine is blue). Three bolts pops it apart for cleaning and lubrication. The

machine halves are cut so that the line can not get around the sheave sides

and so that the line does not wear on the side plates. The stake is 1/2"

steel and has plenty of room on top to pound on it.


The best turnaround is the one you remember to take home and the stand up

style helps with that too.


Most of us WAITED till who ever was making turnarounds at the time finally

gave up waiting to sell some, and then we all tried to figure out how to

contact that guy who only told us, "Sorry, not making them anymore."


Don't wait on this one. It ain't cheap (under $100) but it is worth it.






Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 10:59:39 EST

From: GordySoar@aol.com

To: gascott@earthlink.net, bullards@earthlink.net

Cc: soaring@airage.com

Subject: LBW MODIFIED recently

Message-ID: <0.161d6f03.256970eb@aol.com>


In a message dated 11/21/99 8:00:47 AM Central Standard Time,

gascott@earthlink.net writes:



I agree. The only thing I would recommend is that if you have really

hard ground like here in So. CA, drill a hole through the cap on the

stake and drive in a hardened drift pin. I had the cap come off twice

at the end of a launch. My Victory lifted the pulley quite nicely.


Hi Gil,

Walt changed that system a while back, that cap gets hammered up by the

pulley assembly while hammering the stake down into the ground, and Walt

found that out for him self. He has come up with a mod, and if you like he

will upgrade 'our' units for a small price. I spoke with him about it and it

sounds like it is the answer.




Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 11:04:50 EST

From: Winchdoc@aol.com

To: Soaring@airage.com

Subject: Re: turnaround

Message-ID: <0.745fc8d0.25697222@aol.com>


In a message dated 11/21/1999 3:40:45 AM Pacific Standard Time,

It was written:



> OK Gordy.. What makes Walts turnaround so damn good???



Allow me to put in my Y2 cents worth.

Walt's turnaround that is supplied with the Little Big Winch is a great

turnaround. I have seen them up close and they are well built. In fact, they

are a simplified copy of the turnarounds I made for the Portland area

sailplane society several years ago. They are still going strong. You won't

go wrong with one of his turnarounds if you are planning to fly AMA/LSF type

events particurlarly where you would want to use a retriever. Walt is a great

guy and a member of PASS.


Wierd disclaimer:

Walt makes winches. I make winches. We "sort of" compete for your launching

dollars, but our ultimate goal (both of us) is to get your sailplanes up.




RCSE May 27, 2001

From: MAllen1973@aol.com


Walt, I've been enjoying the LBW since I got it. You've really put together a nice piece of equipment there. Well, I finally got the Multiplex Alpina 4001 finished and flew it today off the winch. Bear in mind this is a 4m sailplane with a claimed weight between 155-169 oz. I haven't weighed mine yet, but I'd say its at least 8 lbs. Anyway, since I've been flying my RnR Millenium off the winch I was used to launching with it so I just hooked up the Alpina, put in the launch camber (flaps and ailerons down about 1/4") put tension on the line and hand launched it with the nose down. Off we went! Plane rotated normally and I was quite surprised at the amount of flex I was putting in the wings and began pulsing the winch. Winds were less than 10mph and I felt like I was launching the smaller 3m plane. Got a nice launch and was rewarded with an uneventful (that's what I like for 1st flights) test flight.


I've really been wondering how the LBW would handle an airplane of this size and weight. Now I know, - very well. Thanks again and I look forward to lots of launches with the Alpina off the LBW.


Mark Allen


Subject: Thankx

Date: July 19, 2001

From: kkavaney@qwest.net

Just to tell you, that Bill Brown and I co-own one of your winches, purchased about five months ago and just love the damn thing. I routinely launch my 3 meter paragon over and over and over on the LBW. I am in the process of building a 3.8 meter SailAire that I know will go right up the line with your wonderful winch. We get such consistent good launches and can't say enough about your product.

Thanks again,

Kevin Kavaney and Bill Brown


Subject: LBW

Date: May 13, 2002

From: rjnpsf@berkshire.net

Hi Walt,

The winch arrived today as you promised. It's nice to do business with people who keep their word. Now I just have to wait for the weather to clear, they call for rain until Thursday.

Again thank you.

Dick Nadolny


Subject: LBW order status

Date: May 28, 2002

From: jcminer@xmission.com

Hi Walt,

The LBW arrived today as promised. The winch and turnaround are of exceptional quality and workmanship.

I was at the field with my glider and new LBW half an hour after the postman drove away. This is the same field where I occasionally fly using a heavy-duty high start. With the variable line tension and zoom now possible because of the LBW, launches on my 3m Condor are about twice as high as with the high start. Launches were good enough for three twenty minute + flights in the late afternoon.

I'm thrilled with my purchase. Thanks for an outstanding product.

Curtis Miner


Jim Blachfield, McLean, Virginia, 2002

The winch is working well. It's perfect for my 100" planes (Sagitta, Pantera, and Super-V)The big surprise was being able to ROG launch my 143" ASW 20 Scale Ship!Definately happy with the LBW. Thanks for providing such a great product!



Subject: Your Winch

March 25, 2005

From: mwaggonner@earthlink.net

Hi Walt,

Thought I'd drop you a line and say that the winch has been great! I belong to Inland Soaring Society here in Riverside, CA and the guys in the club have been impressed. When they don't put up the club winch, I get out the LBW and launch anything and everything. The biggest has been Soaring USA's 130 inch Sharp Wind, which is a heavy hollow molded ship---goes right up!

Best to you,

Mark Waggonner


Subject: LBW shipment

May 2, 2005

From: equest@cox.net


I picked up my LBW from the Post Office today. I am really impressed with the quality and the workmanship on the components. The out right design is 2nd to none. Thank you, for taking the time in manufacturing such a great tool, and making it available to the soaring community.



From: "Reg Bell" <regbell@blueyonder.co.uk>
Date: November 13, 2007 10:49:50 AM PST
To: "'Walt Dimick'" <wdimick@aol.com>
Subject: LBW

Dear Walt.
I am delighted to tell you that the LBW arrived today.
Thanks a million. I can see how much effort you have put into making a 1st class product.
Many regards and good luck for the future.
Reg Bell.


From: "dlobb"<dlobb@myway.com>
Date: November 24, 2007 9:23:59 PM PST
To: wdimick@aol.com
Subject: LBW
Reply-To: dlobb@myway.com


Tried out the winch today. It worked perfectly, am very impressed. No spooling
problems at all and does great zoom launches. Thanks for making a great little
winch at a very reasonable price. Good job!



From: Bob Crane <neonbutterflystudio@hotmail.com>
Date: January 15, 2008 4:59:56 PM PST
To: Walt Dimick <wdimick@aol.com>
Subject: RE: LBW

hi walt.....the winch arrived today and WOW!!!!!....amazing.......you are truly a craftsman.....if you would like i could take some pics and e-mail them to you for your website......let me know



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