Little BIG Winch PAT. PEND. Instructions for use


Little BIG Winch PAT PEND

Instructions for Use

CAUTION: The Little BIG Winch is small, but nearly as powerful as a conventional full sized winch and should be treated with the same care and safety precautions. Winch line can reach extremely high speeds while the winch is in use. Serious cuts and burns can occur if proper precautions are not taken. Wear heavy leather gloves when winding line onto the drum. Keep all objects (that might get picked up and thrown at you if they became tangled in the moving line) out of the path of the winch line. Make sure that the winch line is clear of all obstructions and people (pets too) before operating your winch. Never put the launching ring of a live winch on your finger or anything else you would mind having PULLED OFF if the winch were to become unexpectedly energized.


NEW TO WINCH LAUNCHING? Click here to see a great article from the LASS newsletter that may be of help .

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For maximum performance try to set up so that the turnaround is approximately 500'-700' directly up wind from the winch. This will insure that at the point of launch there is the minimum amount of line on the reel thus keeping it's diameter small. In this way maximum tourque will be insured. Conversely if you have not winch launched before or would like to decrease the tourque so as not to put strain on the wings of your airplane, either add line or reduce the distance from the turnaround. This will effectively increase the diameter of the drum decreasing the initial tourque of the launch.

Hint: A flat field is best. Keep in mind that the less ground contact the line has the more power the winch will be able to put into launching your plane. Therefore setting the winch on one rise and the turnaround on another would be better than having a rise in the ground between them.



1-Place the winch on flat ground at your selected location so that as you stand behind it facing the turnaround the label is toward you, and the drum is to the right of the winch, with the line coming off the top of the drum and toward the turnaround.

2-Pound the two supplied stakes through the two holes in the winch base at the edge closest to you so that the motor shaft is perpendicular to the direction the line will go. After a few launches check to see that the line is being taken up evenly on the spool. If the wind is lopsided pull up one of the stakes and realign the winch until the line takes up evenly.

3-Plug in the twist lock connector to attach the foot switch. Do not attach the battery at this time!

4-Take the turnaround pulley, turnaround stake, riser, parachute, swivel, and line to the turnaround location.

5-Slide the pulley onto the stake followed by the riser, invert and with point down, angled approximately 10 degrees toward the direction of the winch, pound the turnaround stake into the ground until flush with the pulley top. Note that the riser will keep the pulley approximately 10 inches above the ground.

6-Detach the swivel and parachute, if necessary, and thread the line through the pulley from the bottom and out the top. Make sure that the pulley is pointed toward the direction of the winch during this process. (Hint: Some people have suggested that a crochet hook or bent wire can be helpful here.)

7-Tie a 3" loop in the end of the line with an overhand knot. Re-attach the swivel and parachute by clipping it to the loop.

8-Return to the winch with the parachute in hand and hang the parachute ring on the extended handle stud on the side opposite the drum.

9-When you are sure that the foot pedal and line is clear, attach the battery leads by pushing the color-coded connectors together (red is positive). Twisting them clockwise will also lock them together, but is not recommended as being able to easily pull them apart is a handy emergency disconnect.

10-You are now ready to launch. (for hints on launching and flying in general, check out the excellent article on winch launching from the LASS newsletter which is posted on our web site)


The Little Big Winch is equipped with a dynamic rather than a mechanical brake. This cuts down the mechanical friction, allowing all the motor power to go into launching your plane. However, a dynamic brake is not as positive and will not stop the drum rotation as rapidly or completely. Where this may cause a problem is when you decide to hold off a launch after tension has been built up in the line. In this instance a tap or two on the foot switch may be required while the drum is unloading the line energy to prevent slack being thrown and the resulting tangle. The amount of dynamic braking is set, but adjustable. Move the slider on the variable resistor towards the end with the wire soldered to it to increase the braking effect.



Remove the parachute and swivel. While holding the line with a rag in a heavy leather gloved hand, CAREFULLY , hold back tension and pulse the foot pedal guiding the line onto the reel. Try to stop just short of winding all of the line under power, and take up the last few feet by hand. Do not under any circumstances leave the parachute or swivel attached to the line during this process!

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