Suggested Batteries for use with the LBW.


The Little Big Winch will work fine with a full sized 12 volt battery and many are being used that way. However, the winch was designed to be the same approximate weight as a lawn tractor sized battery. This makes for a more comfortable, balanced load when both are carried in the field. For this reason, most owners are using lawn tractor sized deep cycle or marine batteries with their Little Big Winches.

A useful formula to remember when evaluating battery capacity is: Amp Hours=("reserve Capacity"/2)+16

A general rule of thumb is: to launch a typical 70oz TD plane requires approx. 1 amp hour of battery capacity.


Here are some model numbers and sources for lawn tractor batteries.

Note: It has come to my attention that most manufacturers of lawn tractor size batteries have recently ceased to mold in an intergral handle (they always used to) and that this makes it difficult to carry the battery in one hand. In checking around I find that shops who specialize in motorized wheel chairs or "personal mobility carts" exclusively use this size (U-1) battery. They not only stock high quality batteries of this size, but also have a selection of acid proof carry boxes and carry handles of various kinds to make handling the battery easier. I paid $5.00 for a very satifactory nylon webbing handled carrier for my most recent battery at a local Personal Mobility Store.